Our certified Polish translators provide quality services with the utmost integrity.

Polish Translation Services

English to Polish and Polish to English translation services. Whether it is a professional English document or a casual Polish document, we can translate from both English to Polish and Polish to English.

Quality Editing and Proofreading of Polish Documents

If you have Polish documents that need to be edited, we can provide quality Polish proofreading services to ensure that all best grammar practices are in place.

Polish Teacher

Your experienced teacher of Polish as a foreign language. With experience at all levels ranging from high school students to adults, we have a formula to empower your learning.

Cross Cultural Training Services

With the diversity within a workplace growing each day, we offer a service to help employees adapt to the new cultures.

U.S and Polish Government Form and Application Assistance

Official documents can be intimidating and confusing. We have experience assisting with various processes and can make it easy for you. Forms may include:
Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, ZUS, KRUS

Certified Polish Apostille Translation

The apostille stamp certifies that a document is valid in another country. We can provide this service for Polish translations of American documents designed for Poland.

Notary Public Services

We provide notary services.

Genealogical Assistance

Researching and translating historical documents can be both difficult and time consuming. We can simplify the process for you by providing quality experience.

Polish Interpretation Services

With years of proven Polish interpreting, we are your solution regardless of the occasion.

Genealogical Research

We also specialize in genealogical research (including translation of handwritten documents in old Russian).

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